Monday, April 16, 2007

SouthPark Characters

Make your own. Whether you like the show or not, you have to admit these dudes are cute. If you want to make your own southpark-ish character, have a go at this site :


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Animal Portraiture

I do love my relatively new hobby ... painting. Though i am not anyway near good at it, i dont have any hanging on my walls or much less sold, but i just love painting. Trying new things, looking at references, being inspired... Here are some examples from deviantart of paintings of pets / animals that i like. These are exceptional of course, i do hope to paint pet portraits when i am in my own home soon... i put this here as a reminder of painting of the future.

by il-panda

by ravenslore

by angela-t

by geocachingodder

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First Fav Stuff!

I wanted to use 'stuff' instead of 'thing' in my url but damn.. stuff seems to be way cooler and common than 'things'. oh well. hence 'stuff' is cool! note that!

Found some cool 'stuff' on this dude's blog
... either we have similar tastes (which deems him or her as 'cool' as me) or dammit i'm more common than i thought! crap! !@$%^&#

I like... (copyright goes to designsponge)

i even like the walls .. maybe in a more raw color, not white washed

Big piece of wood.
sexy (innit?)

First Post!

Welcome to!

I have other spaces online such as: - my first blog, its still alive but rarely updated, checkout 'calendar view' to see some old pics and adventures. - some photography and traditional art mainly - mainly traditional, i'm learning.

Created this one, for now to just document/save some cool things i find on the net, things i want to remember, recommend or just rant and rave about. I guess a blog to showcase my tastes in art, deco, cuisine.. regular lifestyle stuff! When you view i'm sure you'll agree ... alisoniscool!