Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bargain Hunting #1 - Tableware

This is the first time i will be showcasing something that i myself found and purchased. Yeay! Unfortunately it was a roadside bargain, so if any of you out there want to purchase it there isnt a store or website. :) These were sold at a makeshift stall, and I'm sure the goods were made in China. I mean ok, so there are a lot of cheap poor quality mass produced stuff that come along... but i'm pretty happy with the quality of these stuff. I'll be taking them with me to my new home in a few months. That was the only reason i didnt buy more stuff, it would be impossible to carry all of it without busting the check-in weight limit.

Hope you like these, i know i do. Over in these parts of the word i guess you can buy similar objects for about the same prices, usually the small bowls come in white porcelain with blue patterns or vise versa. Never seen these blue on green designs. With the little dragon designs on them etc, they are pretty cool, perhaps not 'traditional' but so cool!
In the background you can see a couple of teacups with covers... bought 3 of those in different designs... very cool pieces and they have a separate piece inside that captures/strains the tea leaves. Prices: Bowls for Euro 2.40 for 3 pieces. And teacup with cover and strainer @ Euro 1.20 per set.

Wall Colour-Teal

I've had this fascination with this color for awhile now. Its always good to see samples of how its used etc. I've realised this color can be oh-so-right or totally disastrous. I really like how its paired with the dark brown wall. I think it works in smaller settings too like the 'toilet' sample, but accompanied with lots of white accessories... like shelving and white curtains or lots of frames etc. Looking at these samples, ... well i think it looks good and i dont think it can really be improved much if i were to use it in my future space... having my doubts though. Maybe its a trend thats slowly ebbing away in my mind. Somehow i dont think it matching my overall personality... am i willing to give this idea up yet? ... we'll see. Maybe a small compromise can be met. Maybe it would look good in a really small area... sigh!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Industrial Living Room

photographs by Aaron Thomas
Found at Rate my Space
.... where regular people post photos of their dwellings to get feedback and 'rate their spaces'.

This is so me, i think. love love love it. However its too one dimensional. I'd have to have other rooms or areas, perhaps outdoor etc where i can experience other themes...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Face in Lights!

Those are photos by me of me.. :) Someone was browzing my deviantart gallery and asked for permission to use them for these light fixtures. Interesting idea. The results are pretty cool i think, anyway the rest of the ID is pretty cool too, check em out online or if you happen to be in Hollywood, drop by personally. Citizen Smith

Pilsner! Prost!

Found this lovely glassware, nicked from the lovely blog

How unique to have a nice cold beer from one of these lovely Pilsners! Not sure how the tough guys would like that but then hey, do I look like i care?

Olive Tray

at Etsy

Never seen a tray for serving olives. Looks yum. Sigh! Good Deal for $12 (not inclusive of shipping) Check out her etsy store, more lovely stuff.
Reminds me that i've always wanted to learn sculpting... maybe pottery will be my thing. Lots of things to learn about it though. Materials. Especially if you're gonna eat off it!

Mr Hurley stopped by and commented, "Just what the world REALLY needs.... an olive tray!" Hehe... that never even crossed my mind when i saw this! How weird... do we REALLY need one? hell no, but i still WANT one. Doh!

Monday, July 23, 2007


This caught my breath. This in a dark velvetblueindigo bathroom. sigh... Have you ever seen a chandelier of black roses?? mmmmmmmmmmm

Color Palette Maker

Welcome to ColorBlender – your free online tool for color matching and palette design!

Whats your color-mood? It's weird, i created those palletes and if i had to use them to paint each room in my home, i'd still be confused. I guess i'm just 'mooody' trends change in my head too quickly... i used to hate purples and now i have this craving for a deep purple bathroom... whatssup with that?!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Interesting Apartments

Gimme color any day. Need some examples of everyday people and their decorating ideas - especially for small spaces... here're some ideas. I need to revisit, gtg.
Apartment Therapy

Thursday, July 19, 2007



the white one caught my eye. It's so weird, i dont wear accessories ... ok at least for the first 30 years of my life. I've started... still got a way to go. its hard when i was one of the few who never even liked shopping before. i've started.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cakes to Die For

How special are these.... mmm.....

Pollock Bollock Art

My attempt at pollockish art, follow link and create your own. I dont think he would be too happy at this poke and making light of his work. Sorry Mr Pollock, I just found the link and thats what came out. I doubt it will sell for even a penny.


This Pollock dude is holding the honor for the most expensive work of art in the world. Yes even more expensive than the Warhol, Goghs, De Vincis, ....