Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the 25th has passed!!

that means SALES!!! for christmas deco!
lets see what i can get my hands on for NEXT year! haha... i'm such a cheapie!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Making my life complete

Erasing one problem at a time...

Do you know how to fold fitted sheets?
Photo demo with instructions!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Malaysian Eco/ Nature Holidays

Thanks to 'desiretoinspire' blogspot. CHeck out this location that she featured Serendah Retreat. Reminded me of some of the unique holiday options available at my home country Malaysia. Just thought i'd note some of the popular ones, for future reference, when i'm visiting home. Lots of friends from over here are dying to visit malaysia, and i do think that 1 day in the city is enough. the beauty is in the rainforest, islands and villages.

Bako National Park
Endau - Rompin
Gunung Mulu National Park
Kinabalu National Park
Niah National Park
Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary
Taman Negara

General Travel to Malaysia sites:
Tourism Malaysia
Cuti- Cuti Malaysia
Malaysia Site

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wall Paint Ideas #2

Had a fun day at IKEA yesterday. Not only the shopping, but the food too. SO affordable.. and same menu whichever country you are in. I'm in love with their salmon. But i was so dissapointed that they didn't serve it with their steamed/boiled broccoli and potato.. instead they served it with shoe string french fries.... I almost threw a tantrum when they handed me the plate. Poached salmon with butter and chive sauce with french fries? god help me.

Anyway, we got some good ideas of the stuff we need to buy, will revisit in a few months. I also still want to add some color to the walls. They are newly painted and a nice warm color now... but oh you know... i just need MORE MORE MORE.... always.

Revisited the fall contest at Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Art Art Art Madness

I've been thinking and planning and consulting with my partner on what would look nice on our future art/photo wall. The tough part is... he is NOT interested in art. The more abstract it is, the more indifferent he is.The more abstract it is... yum yum to me. Anyway, its all good. Here are some goodies..... i like i like i like... can't breathe when i look at these......
All inspiration are from Desire to Inspire

Monday, October 15, 2007

Video Recipes

Watch 'How-To' Video clips on popular recipes

Pretty cool to 'watch' how its done, and most clips are under 8 mins per recipe.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Storage ideas 1

So its all about organising, storing..... maximising space.

Never saw one of these before '
Kitchen Island And Bar With Caramel Oak Finish'

Need a few more slots for the wine but other than that, in the right space its cool, no?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Beginning...

Its my first day in my new home in Athens. The man did a good job with setting up our litle cosy home with all the little basics. So now its supposed to be my turn from a house into our little nest. What credentials do i have to win such a huge task?! No, i'm not asking YOU that... i'm just thinking outloud thanks.


I'm not even a neat person. That along with being pampered and being looked after by others all my life. Yea.... poor me. Lol. Up till 2 days ago, i didn't need to wash my own dishes, underwear, toilet ... etc. I'm not bragging. What i'm saying is that... ohh boy, I have so much catching up to do in this 'adult' phase of life.

So as this whole blog was started in preparation of this phase, lets begin with the SWOT analysis of what I'll be dealing with. In my home-making endeavour.

First and foremost, our home is compact. We have a room, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. Outdoor we have a nice tiled-yard space and its own small toilet. :)

I'm thankful that I have virtually no budget at this moment. Cause my first step should really be about deciding what to do with what we already have. The place is already full, therefore before i can actually purchase anything, I really feel that we need to make more room. Basically either removing stuff, reorganising, repacking/ storing, ... catch my drift?

Sounds fun eh? Well it's good practice for me. Relatively easy day today, just getting used to the place. Thought i'd throw out the towel and sheets and refold them. Might move on to the clothing if i can get off my fat ass and tummy stuffed with yesterdays Beef Pasta. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Photo Wall

I'll totally need a photowall.

Just a small side wall or something, not a mainwall, Perhaps even in the kitchen next to the chalk wall... or maybe the chalkwall IS my photowall.. how totally artsy crazy and perfect IS that.

Here is a little inspiration.

Click the images to go to the rightful owners pages..... tipped off by Decor8

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shell Chandeliers

Instantly a wave of nostalgia swept over me... these were popular in the 70s i think.

Same makers for the side tables below OLY

Side Tables

Sometimes too matchy matchy sucks.... 3+2+1 living room sets with table and side table.... bleh... always thought having an odd armchair would make living rooms so much more... character-ized. These side tables would do the similar thing i guess... or used at the end of a hallway or outdoor living area..

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'll have my first Dress fitting tomorrow. I'm supposed to already have my shoes. Don't have em.
Found some gems. If only these just sprung up in front of my eyes. I'm not going to splurge on shoes. Looking for a bargain. If i cant find em, I'll go with plain 3" pumps.

My taste is kinda Classic. My dress is very simple and i don't want any sparly stuff or strappy ones.

Deco Havennnn

Rebecca Thuss, You are a freakin' genius. I just cannot describe how much i enjoyed looking through her portfolio. If only i had an ounce of whatever thats going on in this girl's mind, love the mix-and-match.... grrr.

Thanks kenziekate for this lovely tip-off.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Flower Arrangements

Again coming from a lower budget point of view for possible table setting ideas. I do think single flowers in interesting simple vases, cups, glasses and odd bits are ohhh sooo chic.

I dont really see how a big vulgar EXPENSIVE bunch of flowers trumps these gems. It really makes nooo sense to me. PLUS: who needs expensive vases, just keep an eye out for interesting glasses and even some plastic ones might look really cool. Take out those old dusty cocktail glasses, its time they be centerpieces!

Lighting - Minimalist Chandelier

Ok so i've gotten more than one eyeroll for ever blurting out that i wanted a chandelier in my bathroom. Still have no idea why that would be bizarre to anyone.
So what are the things that would stop me from getting one? Well i guess it would mainly be price factor, availability and perhaps power saving. Along comes this little gem from Charles and Marie
Ok so USD 55 is not dirt cheap but hot-damn this is cute and pretty brilliant. And it would work nicely in small corners or a tiny bathroom. So darn cute it is. I must must look for who invented this first.

Description from their site: Basically it is a glass ring with glass hooks that slides over any normal bulb and attached to the glass hooks are strands of crystals that dangle down from the bulb, turning any non-descript and dull bulb into a big, grown up chandelier.

Stumbled on their site whilst i was doing my daily browzing from my blogroll. Thanks for the tip kenziekate . Her post on these gems - fancy plastic cutlery, also from Charles & Marie. Gosh, never seen plastic cutlery that looked really 'posh'. Choose a color to go with your theme. Any of these on white linen and nice colorful paper napkins.... very very cool.

Description from their site: .. Designed by Donata Paruccini and Fabio Bortolani and inspired by traditional Italian cutlery from the end of the 1800's.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kitchen Stuff

Found these great finds from Beachbungalow8. Must add her to my blogroll.
OK so i can hear some of the guys start sighing again. I know human dont NEED these 'special' spoons. Shush! we will one day believe me!

Ok so we actually do need a spoon that can perch itself on a pot.

Pink ice cream spoons? errmmm... ice cream time does deserve more than your usual dinner spoon. Ok so i'll get baby blue one for the machomen!

These great finds are by:Spoon Sisters

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wellbeing Madness

I realise i get mad too easily.. Do you? Anyway, its no fun being mad, upset, over react... etc. We all just want to get along dont we? Usually i get frustrated about situations and I try my damdest to talk about it and solve it and i'm using all the best communication tools i know... i dont get mad and scream and shout or throw things, but still i dont think i am anywhere near being successful with dealing with stress and having an open 'discussion'. Came across this similar predicament here by No Impact Man
Anyway read the article i found there...
"Krishnamurti, the late philosopher, speaker and recipient of the United Nations Peace Medal, says that the way to bring peace to the world is to bring peace to ourselves. To bring peace to ourselves, he says, we have to let go of the false idea of the ego which constantly lords itself over the rest of our personalities. He says we have to let go of the very idea that there is an ego, ...
read more

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cupcake Cake!

Might be a cheaper alternative to tiered wedding cakes. Not sure yet, but the idea is growing on me, if the dollar signs prove this, I might go for it.

Have one classic layer on top and however many cupcakes at the bottom, one of each guest or so. COuld also cut back on desserts too as this could be put on the dessert table as a centerpiece.

Penny Pinching

Today's best find. Ron & Debbie's Penny Pinching Page.
They have a great resource of ideas from personal experiences to friends and readers on a number of ways to save money. A good 'wedding' section for those of us on a budget and also other ways to save money or manage it better, such as how best to use leftovers, shopping tips, yard sales, DIY stuff.... they are just cool. And non of those fancy-schmancy web shit... just good old fashioned writing and sharing.

I'll need to keep reading... but i see they havent updated in awhile.... need to check that, maybe they have a new page? who knows.. but there is enough info there to keep me entertained awhile.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Planning a wedding?

I'm having a great time thinking of wedding day ideas. Its a special day isn't it? People are coming to share it, arent they? So might as well make it as personal and meaningful as can be done with whatever budget you have. I do believe the level of success a wedding event has, has little to do with the amount you spend. I mean sure, you can't talk up a 4-tier wedding cake without any money or get more gem stones on my dress or free flow alcohol bar.... etc. Sure those things are nice. But i've been to too many weddings were lots of care and money were spent and its inevitable guests still complain. So what it boils down for me is just not to cater too much about what people will be impressed with but to celebrate the marriage between two people, and find ways to express the personalities of the couple and share it with the guests. I think its all about personalization. I think if you have a unique invite, a cake and deco that reflect care and love and not 'abundance' it will most likely be appreciated more. We'll just see how well i did in a few months. How do i rate 'well'? Hmm... if i can get home and feel i had a good time and i managed to be relaxed to enjoy all the important moments. Had time to appreciate the people attending. I think thats what would satisfy me. Anyway it sounds preachy, i'll have to rewrite this later. It's a holiday today, and why did i wake up at 6am when i could sleep in late? I have no clue.

Found this awesome site. The Knot
Really resourceful place.

Cakes - even smaller

Nice site and portfolio... the passion and art is evident! Very professional looking cakes yet the ones i admired had a very homemade/ loose style... more fluid.
Cakes by ' Cake That'
Check my link list, they also have a blog.

Am I getting closer to my perfect cake? Who knows.... I might just bake it myself. Opps, did i mention i've never iced a cake before?