Thursday, September 3, 2009

Featured Foodie Blog

There are so many blogs out there that i read just to feed my hungry eyes on.... i have no idea why i do that. its like window shopping i guess, ... without the calories... like porn, without the ... ok you get the idea.
So here is my featured blog today $30 a week , its not so much about the recipes or what great cooks they are, but its the concept i guess. In these tough times, i think we are all feeling our belts tightening ... err.. ok so i've gained a kilo or two, but what i meant was, we all have to tighten our belts and watch the grocery budget. So this blog shows us how 1 couple lives on a weekly 30US$ grocery budget. I think that is workable, i mean its easy to go shopping on the weekend and spend double or triple that, but i'm sure half of that money goes to things that are not really feeding our NEEDS,... right? Do you really need 3 tubs of different flavours of ice cream?

I guess if you have kids you have to up the budget a little but the concept is the same. What i try to do is have a rough budget in mind before i step into the store..:) or at least dont bring along more than you are willing to spend.

What do I spend on food a week? Well we have dinner at the in-laws (upstairs) on weekdays and i do eat lunch at work, so our groceries are not much at the moment. I think we are able to survive on about 35euro/150 euro a month for household food items... mainly dog food, bread, milk, cheese, ham/turkey, pasta, sauce ingredients, 1 or 2 meat products, soft drinks, coffee, ...... (includes perhaps ingredients for us to cook about 2 meals a week.) But then we eat out or order in about once a week. And i spend about 4-5 euros in the day for breakkie/ lunch. So even with a budget in mind, quite a lot of money is spend just on food!
With that in mind.... the 30$ a week blog is really a good idea... they managed to cut their monthly costs down by A LOT!