Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wall Paint Ideas #2

Had a fun day at IKEA yesterday. Not only the shopping, but the food too. SO affordable.. and same menu whichever country you are in. I'm in love with their salmon. But i was so dissapointed that they didn't serve it with their steamed/boiled broccoli and potato.. instead they served it with shoe string french fries.... I almost threw a tantrum when they handed me the plate. Poached salmon with butter and chive sauce with french fries? god help me.

Anyway, we got some good ideas of the stuff we need to buy, will revisit in a few months. I also still want to add some color to the walls. They are newly painted and a nice warm color now... but oh you know... i just need MORE MORE MORE.... always.

Revisited the fall contest at Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Art Art Art Madness

I've been thinking and planning and consulting with my partner on what would look nice on our future art/photo wall. The tough part is... he is NOT interested in art. The more abstract it is, the more indifferent he is.The more abstract it is... yum yum to me. Anyway, its all good. Here are some goodies..... i like i like i like... can't breathe when i look at these......
All inspiration are from Desire to Inspire