Sunday, October 5, 2008

Flea Shopping

Enjoyed entertaining last nite. Made some chicken curry, spiced rice (didnt turn out as well as i hoped, coconut milk and sweet corn had something to do with it i think), omelette, ginger beef, cucumber riata. A belated raya celebration i guess. And my red chillies in soy sauce. So happy i found those although they cost 9.60 euro per kilo.

Today went to athens flea market. Bought an old brass key that i had my eye on. Its already up on my wall. Said to be about a 100 years old, who knows. Buts its cool and its huge ... about 8". (the 2 coins added for size comparison - 10 cent euro and 10 sen (RM))


Otherwise known as Jen said...

When I first saw your post title, I immediately thought: She went shopping for fleas?! (but immediately AFTER that realized NOT).

Great key! You should start a collection. I used to collect old brass anything...they're all with my Dad now.

AL said...

Ey Jen, what kinda brass stuff do you remember in your collection?