Monday, December 15, 2008

I used to hate shopping ....

.. but i got over

Pressie List - no really i'm not asking Santa (or you) for gifts.. just thought i'd list out some nice gift ideas that interest me. Hopefully they can give you some ideas on what to get for your loved ones. Or let me know some of the stuff you wouldnt mind getting for Christmas... or your birthday.. or valentines.. or mothers day.. or labour day!

*Earthenware- bowls, rustic, old fashioned
*Dressy Tablecloth
*Cushion covers
*Funky Belts, earrings, quirky accessories
*Unique stationary
*Handmade or at least unique/ natural/ scented candles
*Wine - something unique or local if you are in wine country
*Art/ photo Frames ( the bigger the better, even junk store types )
*Hardcover Books, Interior/ Art/ Cooking/ Craft / Photography/ Travel / Bios
*Unique christmas tree ornament
*Cute Piggie Bank/ coin box
*Environment-friendly reusable grocery shopping bag
*Quality organic food products, or uniquely local (from one country to another) - herbs, preserves, sauces
*Pot pourri sachets
*Metal/ glass lanterns for deco
*Indoor mini grill, juicer, crock pot, slow cooker, steamer.... if you know the person doesnt have it and it will be a health benefit
*Indoor plant, bonsai for example
*Gift Voucher - traditional voucher or online store voucher - bookstore, restaurant dinner, spa, massage, photo portrait, make-up makeover, hotel stay, dance/ cooking/ fitness/ craft classes
*Home-made hamper of thing personally selected items. such as wine, caviar, cheeses, chocs, pate, fancy crackers, nutcracker, bottle opener, nuts, fruit
*Wine/ liquer bottle stand/ display
*For those of us who are so left behind by tech, simple digital camera or polaroid, mp3 player, scanner ( these things were expensive but now can cost less than a dinner for 2)
*Matching aprons - father/son, couple, mother/daughter
*Large serving platters
*Good quality board game set, chess set, backgammon
*Gourmet coffee
*Pretty umbrella (only for non supersticious folk)
*Funky beach flip flops/ slippers
*Cool Fridge magnets - perhaps those with personalized photos
*Cool t-shirt with funky message/ graphic/ fan club theme
*Crazy hats - beach hat, sombrero, fedora, beret, top hat, chef hat
*CD of fav artists
*Craft/ Scrapbook making supplies

What do you think? Which pressie would you like to receive? Would love to know...


Asther said...

Definitely Scrapbook Kits/Supplies for me! Hahaha... Else I wouldn't mind any gift vouchers too. ;)

AL said...

Hey Asther! Opps i was too late to post christmas card to you..., sorry! But i will try to make it up to you in Feb when i visit!

Asther said...

Haiya... no need to "make-it up", lar. Do let me knw when u received mine, k? :)