Monday, March 30, 2009

On to a healthier menu perhaps..

Finally my SO has willingly agreed to eating a little healtier... i'm not going to delve into why, how and what may have happened to push him over the edge... but anyway lets just say the door has just inched open... just a tad.

Grocery time is up soon, in a day or two and i'm looking at some healthy yet tasty dishes... quick & easy dishes in which to work my grocery list around.

Just off the top of my head... (recipes will come later, when i mix and match and research and blah blah... you know i never follow any anyway)!

1. Baked veggie springrolls with spicy noodles...
2. Spinach, Feta & Turkey Pasta Casserole (cook 1 freeze 1)
3. Chicken Rice in a Pot (oyster sauce, garlic ginger, green peppers, mushroom, green onions)
4. Yogurt Curry Chicken with dhal, peas, carrot and potato with rice/pita (cook 1 freeze 1)
5. Baked sweet peppers with feta, spicy tomato sauce pasta
6. Vegetarian Lasagna (cook 1 freeze 1)
7. Potato Salad with baked fish fingers
8. Coleslaw with Crispy roast chicken
9. Homemade Pizza
10 Tuna Burger Melt
11. Home made Chicken Souvlakis (grilled chicken on arabic pita, with fresh onion, salad, yogurt...) (grill extra chicken for later use in salads or fried rice/ noodles)
12. Spinach rice (spanakorizo)

Suggestions welcomed!


Otherwise known as Jen said...

I wish I had an oven :(

You've been tagged and awarded :)

AL said...

oh.. dear. you need to solve that problem.
although they say using an oven is a hazard to the environ... i just could not live without one now.