Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wall Colour-Teal

I've had this fascination with this color for awhile now. Its always good to see samples of how its used etc. I've realised this color can be oh-so-right or totally disastrous. I really like how its paired with the dark brown wall. I think it works in smaller settings too like the 'toilet' sample, but accompanied with lots of white accessories... like shelving and white curtains or lots of frames etc. Looking at these samples, ... well i think it looks good and i dont think it can really be improved much if i were to use it in my future space... having my doubts though. Maybe its a trend thats slowly ebbing away in my mind. Somehow i dont think it matching my overall personality... am i willing to give this idea up yet? ... we'll see. Maybe a small compromise can be met. Maybe it would look good in a really small area... sigh!

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