Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bargain Hunting #1 - Tableware

This is the first time i will be showcasing something that i myself found and purchased. Yeay! Unfortunately it was a roadside bargain, so if any of you out there want to purchase it there isnt a store or website. :) These were sold at a makeshift stall, and I'm sure the goods were made in China. I mean ok, so there are a lot of cheap poor quality mass produced stuff that come along... but i'm pretty happy with the quality of these stuff. I'll be taking them with me to my new home in a few months. That was the only reason i didnt buy more stuff, it would be impossible to carry all of it without busting the check-in weight limit.

Hope you like these, i know i do. Over in these parts of the word i guess you can buy similar objects for about the same prices, usually the small bowls come in white porcelain with blue patterns or vise versa. Never seen these blue on green designs. With the little dragon designs on them etc, they are pretty cool, perhaps not 'traditional' but so cool!
In the background you can see a couple of teacups with covers... bought 3 of those in different designs... very cool pieces and they have a separate piece inside that captures/strains the tea leaves. Prices: Bowls for Euro 2.40 for 3 pieces. And teacup with cover and strainer @ Euro 1.20 per set.


Asther said...

Wow... they looked a lot to me. HOW r u going to pack all of them & bring wth u?

AL said...

Asther.. yeah they are heavy... the 6 bowls are small size rice bowls and i'll bring 3 teacups and 2 chopstick holders... oh well, this plus all the food sauces i'll bring, looks like i dont have space for clothes...