Thursday, August 30, 2007

Planning a wedding?

I'm having a great time thinking of wedding day ideas. Its a special day isn't it? People are coming to share it, arent they? So might as well make it as personal and meaningful as can be done with whatever budget you have. I do believe the level of success a wedding event has, has little to do with the amount you spend. I mean sure, you can't talk up a 4-tier wedding cake without any money or get more gem stones on my dress or free flow alcohol bar.... etc. Sure those things are nice. But i've been to too many weddings were lots of care and money were spent and its inevitable guests still complain. So what it boils down for me is just not to cater too much about what people will be impressed with but to celebrate the marriage between two people, and find ways to express the personalities of the couple and share it with the guests. I think its all about personalization. I think if you have a unique invite, a cake and deco that reflect care and love and not 'abundance' it will most likely be appreciated more. We'll just see how well i did in a few months. How do i rate 'well'? Hmm... if i can get home and feel i had a good time and i managed to be relaxed to enjoy all the important moments. Had time to appreciate the people attending. I think thats what would satisfy me. Anyway it sounds preachy, i'll have to rewrite this later. It's a holiday today, and why did i wake up at 6am when i could sleep in late? I have no clue.

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