Sunday, August 5, 2007

Save the planet, save the people!

You know saving the planet has been quite the topic of late. I mean it has been a hot topic since the 80s too. Seems to come and go... school recycling projects... etc. Somehow i dont think its really catching on as a way of life here in Malaysia.

I'm the last person to be promoting these causes but the media has really highlighted some issues and the bombardment has really drilled in a few points, in my mind anyway. I've realised that i have been wrong. I always thought i was sensitive to the environment and well a naturalist at heart... i've always had the 'passion' for living with the basics, pro organic foods etc.... but i never really stopped and moved to the next step of really 'doing' anything. I'm soooo guilty of wasting paper, using plastic bags, bottles, not recycling, leaving the shower/ tap running, not switching off electric switches, leaving the lights on.... the list goes on. I dont even think i do a single things to improve all these crimes in my daily life. It's a shameful thing.

I know this is a shallow post in terms of what i know about living green or how we can really help this causes... its just shameful.

I've found a blog of a family who are living 'No Impact' as they can in urban settings. I figure adding this blog read to my daily reads might give me some ideas and get me off my butt in actually doing something about it and learning more about this subject.


Asther said...

U're not alone here. ;)

AL said...

Hi Asther... grr i dont know how to answer to your comment directly.. anyway, thanks for stopping by... to my 'secret' domain..