Sunday, November 16, 2008

Apartment Therapy Fix

One of the most frequented sites by me is 'Apartment Therapy"

It's just a very friendly site, has a lot of stuff to keep you occupied.. ideas for interiors, the kitchen, general home tips and it's updated daily.

Check-out the many home tours, so many styles, budgets, space-sizes,... endless ideas.
This home tour in particular, rocks socks...Check out Dave's New Place


Asther said...

Gosh... this post really makes me more frustrated. Ever since my pregnancy, my nesting instinct just kicked in big time!

If I hv my way, I'd hv re-done the whole apartment! Sigh... but we just can't afford it financially. :(

I wish & wish for an affordable landed property with massive compound area!


AL said...

I feel your pain. Thats what this blog is for... to document the stuff that i like so that when i do strike the big lottery,.. i know what i'm getting. or when YOU strike it big, you oso know my tastee... so.. send some love my way :)