Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My perfect alfredo recipe

Feeds 4 piggies - or 6 cats
Time to complete: from start of prep to end - 30 mins max
500g pasta - any type, spiral or angelhair or the usual.
200ml cream
butter 2 tbs
half cup milk
bacon chopped from 6 slivers
half tsp pepper
half teaspoon salt or less / half cube chicken cube
half tsp garlic powder or 2 cloves minced
herbs fresh 1 tbsp or dried 1 tsp - parsley
optional - mushrooms, nutmeg

first begin preparing the stuff in this order
put the pot of water to boil(for pasta)
cut up 6 pieces of bacon into small pieces
mix in a bowl 200ml cream + half cup milk
cut up any fresh herbs - parsley or dill... about 1 tbs or 1 tsp dried
shred finely 3/4 cup parmesan or romano
2 cloves garlic chopped or half tsp garlic powder
half tsp black pepper
half tsp salt (or less) or half chicken cube
put a fry pan and melt 2 tbs butter
once melted turn heat up and add bacon
fry till almost crisp
optional i add some mushrooms midway
when water in pasta pot is boiling add salt and oil/butter and pasta
remove frypan with bacon from heat and stir in cream and milk
mix until combined then return to low heat
add herbs, seasoning and cheese
stir on very low heat till combined and thickened - about 2 minutes
turn off heat
hopefully pasta is almost done by now
drain pasta quickly, no need for it to be very drained, little water helps make the sauce a little thinner
quickly toss pasta and all the cream sauce
serve immediately, dash of more black pepper and nutmeg on top

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