Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kitchen Stuff

Found these great finds from Beachbungalow8. Must add her to my blogroll.
OK so i can hear some of the guys start sighing again. I know human dont NEED these 'special' spoons. Shush! we will one day believe me!

Ok so we actually do need a spoon that can perch itself on a pot.

Pink ice cream spoons? errmmm... ice cream time does deserve more than your usual dinner spoon. Ok so i'll get baby blue one for the machomen!

These great finds are by:Spoon Sisters


visioner said...

If you like you can be on my friends link list.Just add me to your friends link list and open my blog and tell me to add your blog.

AL said...

To Visioner: Thanks for stopping by. Perhaps we'll do a link swap another time, on another blog. This blog is mainly just exchange of creative design, interior, ... stuff.

I've checked out your blogs, you have tonnes of good info, keep up the good work!