Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lighting - Minimalist Chandelier

Ok so i've gotten more than one eyeroll for ever blurting out that i wanted a chandelier in my bathroom. Still have no idea why that would be bizarre to anyone.
So what are the things that would stop me from getting one? Well i guess it would mainly be price factor, availability and perhaps power saving. Along comes this little gem from Charles and Marie
Ok so USD 55 is not dirt cheap but hot-damn this is cute and pretty brilliant. And it would work nicely in small corners or a tiny bathroom. So darn cute it is. I must must look for who invented this first.

Description from their site: Basically it is a glass ring with glass hooks that slides over any normal bulb and attached to the glass hooks are strands of crystals that dangle down from the bulb, turning any non-descript and dull bulb into a big, grown up chandelier.

Stumbled on their site whilst i was doing my daily browzing from my blogroll. Thanks for the tip kenziekate . Her post on these gems - fancy plastic cutlery, also from Charles & Marie. Gosh, never seen plastic cutlery that looked really 'posh'. Choose a color to go with your theme. Any of these on white linen and nice colorful paper napkins.... very very cool.

Description from their site: .. Designed by Donata Paruccini and Fabio Bortolani and inspired by traditional Italian cutlery from the end of the 1800's.

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