Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lovely Saturday.... IKEA rules!

What a lovely day spent

Didn't have to go anywhere, no appointments, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, meetups, get togethers.... nada.
Just what was needed. A day for ... whatever.

Got up with a burst of energy. Cleaned up a little of the mess. Tried to organize our shelves. Believe me. It takes some real talent to arrange stuff on shelving. Tis not as easy as it looks in magazines. I've still not managed to succeed in this, but hey...

Dragged our butts to IKEA. They have some new stuff there... had a quick walk around and grabbed a few things. A lovely simple table lamp. Needed to dress up the corner where our fish tank used to be. Lamps just add so much warmth to a room. With energy saving bulbs, they no longer overheat and well, ... they are good for the environment and saves on the bills. :) win-win-win... also got a cheap wok (tried it already, works good so far. a small wall clock, some photo frames, a small rug for the kitchen, some glass bottles for storing water in the fridge. Had our lunch at the cafe in IKEA. good food for unbelievable prices. VALUE!! i had the salmon, man had the meatballs. .... AND the pizza... AND the shrimp cocktail.

Later in the evening, made some choc cake. Amended from a recipe from recipezaar, suitable for diabetics. In mine i added a little melted butter, about a tablespoon and a little more flour and a tad more sugar, replaced the tartar with baking powder. Had a tough time beating the egg whites stiff by hand. phew! So glad when i peeked at the oven and the cake was rising. For a late dinner, tried the new wok, made some fried rice and had that with leftover chicken fillets with sweet sour sauce /tomato-ey.

photo source:recipezaar
mine looked similar. cept' i used 2 small baking containers so the center was a little more raised. like a big cupcake.


Otherwise known as Jen said...

Wow, what a full and constructive day you had! I love days like that :)

Yea, Ikea food RAWKS! Mmmmmm....meatballs :P

AL said...

it rawks even more when we pay in euros.... cause for the same price we can only get fastfood.
unlike in kl.. with the price you pay for the meatballs... you can get other options from hawker, coffee shops and stuff that are yummy.

Asther said...

Hey... how come no pics of all d items u bought? ;P Glad u had a good time.