Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I dont mean trendy.
I mean stylish.

Some people are just so effortless put together.
Sure when we see a runway show or flip through magazines, we just kid ourselves and say, 'if i had a cupple-a millions and a busload of stylists and make-up artists and photoshoppers... i could kinda look this great' (ok i dont really say or think that, but for the sake of this blog, lets pretend we both do)
Anyway my point here.
some people are just so damn effortlessly stylish.

i wish i could walk out the door everyday looking this put together.

All photos by Sartorialist If you don't know about him. You are waaayyy lamer than even I.


Otherwise known as Jen said...

I think the trick is to have a style and stick with it. That way, the pieces in your wardrobe will, more often than not, 'go' with another. Also, SHOES ALWAYS MAKE THE OUTFIT! (So have lots of great pairs in your cabinet ;])

So, I'm lamer than you apparently... (I've heard of the word but never knew what or who it/she/he was :P)

AL said...

You have now been appointed as my official stylist jen! lol

Its not easy for one who grew up in the era of grunge, to become well-groomed. gimme time.

Otherwise known as Jen said...

But you ARE stylish what :) You she see what I look like these days, shorts, t-shirt and hair in a perpetual mess. Don't even bother to put on my lenses anymore :(