Thursday, September 4, 2008

Recycle Glass Jars!

Tip from Apartment therapy site.
Well it sounds simple but i think its cool to actually use these pasta sauce jars. Although i don't really use premade pasta sauce, so i have to start looking for food products in jars. I think they would look cool for storing odds and ends... esp since i have tonnes of space on my shelves/ book case.
10 simple ways to reuse pasta sauce jars

why i think this idea is cool.
1. Plastic is bad, glass is good!
2. Like the idea of making infused olive oil stuff, salad dressing.. etc
3. Love the idea of using it as a shaker thingy

What other uses can you think of?


Otherwise known as Jen said...

Hurray for recycling! Obviously, I like the ribbon dispenser and piggy bank ideas the best :)

There's also a whole of uses for storage, of course. Like buttons, pen/pencil holder... You know those sand art in a container thingies? You could make a giant one with one of these!

AL said...

I haven't used any yet... since i dont have anything in my pantry that is in a glass jar. BUT i just like the thought of it! its so retro.. rustic..